How we work?

In most cases, after exchanging initial emails and phone (or Skype) calls, we establish your individual needs and preferences. From this point, we will follow up with a service proposal detailing our discussions and recommendations.

When you choose us to help to create your dream wedding, we will create a fully tailored timeline, prioritizing in order of importance, such as the choosing the venue. From this point, we will work closely with you to choose the best wedding professionals possible, ensuring they will match both to your taste and budget. With the wedding venue and main suppliers confirmed, we start the phase of designing and planning a wedding which reflects your style and wishes in every aspect.

Finally, we will produce a fully scheduled day plan, tailored to your celebration, with your wedding coordinator in attendance on the day, every last detail will be discretely attending to, ensuring that you can relax and enjoy your wonderful day.

Contact Montenegro-Weddings now for initial exchange of information to give you exactly the wedding you are looking for.